Day 1: Opening Plenary

Monday’s program will include an Opening Plenary schedule of international policy, regulatory, industry, and communications leaders. Dr. John Kelly, President of ANS will provide a welcome address on behalf of ANS; Dr. Kathryn McCarthy, Plenary Program Chair, will provide a Plenary Welcome address on behalf of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories;  and Dr. Mark Peters, Honorary Chair and Laboratory Director at Idaho National Laboratory will provide a welcome address on behalf of Idaho National Laboratory.

Morning Session

Advancing and Sustaining Nuclear Energy – Government Perspective

Regulator Keynote Addresses:

Kristine Svinicki
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
(United States)


Ramzi Jammal
Chief of Regulatory Operations
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Ministerial Keynote Addresses:

Suzanne Jaworowski
Senior Advisor for Nuclear Energy
Department of Energy
(United States)


Marco Presutti
Director General of the Electricity Resources Branch, Energy Sector

Conference Keynote Address:

Nathan Myhrvold

Dr. Nathan Myhrvold
Vice Chairman of Terrapower and
Founder of Intellectual Ventures

Advancing and Sustaining Nuclear Energy – Industry Perspective

Industry Keynote Addresses:

Bill Fox
Executive Vice President for Global Nuclear Business

Dale Atkinson
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nuclear Officer, NuScale Power (US)

Sang-Wook Han
Executive Vice President
Korean Hydro and Nuclear Power
(South Korea)

Zengguang Lei
Product Manager, Nuclear Advanced Safety Platform I&C
Nuclear Power Institute of China

Takuya Hattori
Senior Advisor
Japan Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc.

Afternoon Session

International Perspectives on Nuclear Energy

Mimi Limbach

Mimi Limbach
Managing Partner
Potomac Communications
(United States)

Kirsty Gogan
Nuclear for Humanity
(United Kingdom), invited

Tim Ferris
Journalist, Author, Producer and Nuclear Advocate
(United States)

Laura Herman
Potomac Communications (US)

The Millennial Nuclear Caucus Goes Global – Panel & Networking Session

The Millennial Nuclear Caucus portion of the conference is free of charge. Registration for the full conference is not required to attend this event only but please ensure to register at to reserve your spot at this panel.


Suzie Jaworowski
Senior Advisor
U.S. Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy
(United States)

Lenka Kollar
Director for Business Strategy
NuScale Power
(United States)

Grace Meikle
Director for International Business Development
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Ayako Takeuchi
Attaché to the United States of America Embassy of Japan (Japan)

Joon Seok Kang
Central Research Institute

Wei Jiang
Nuclear Power Inst. of China