Day 2: Advancing Nuclear Energy

Tuesday’s program will include discussions focused on advancing nuclear energy technology.

Morning Session-I

Introductory Remarks by Advancing Nuclear Energy General Chair

Rita Baranwall

Rita Baranwal
General Chair
Director for Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear,
Idaho National Laboratory
(United States)

Nuclear Technologies of the Future

David Blee

David Blee

Nuclear Industry Council
(United States)

Adi Paterson
Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organization

Sue Ion
UK Nuclear Innovation Research Advisory Board
(United Kingdom)

Jon Ball
Executive VP for Nuclear Energy, GE-Hitachi (United States)

Takashi Kiyoura
Director, Atomic Energy Division

Gina Strati
Director for Energy Programs
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Advancing Nuclear Energy Morning Session–II

Nuclear Technologies of the Future – II

Dr. Corey McDaniel
Vice President for Business Development
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

David Petti
Author of MIT Future of Nuclear Energy Study
Idaho National Laboratory
(United States)

Gordon Bryan
Deputy Director
U.K. National Nuclear Laboratory
(United Kingdom)

Dai Zhimin
Deputy Director of SINAP

Ken Langdon
Vice President Of Operations And Plant Services, Nuscale (US)

Han Ok Kang
Director of SMART Program
Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute

Simon Irish
Terrestrial Energy